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Dr. Wu's Practical Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (MNEF), Zi-Wu-Liu-Zhu

Sample Page: March 06, 2003

Chrono Acupoint Calendar Instructions

6-7am 8-9am 10-11am 12 -1pm 2-3pm 4-5pm 6-7pm 8-9pm 10-11pm
S:*2,1/**Liv8 S:*9,8 S:*7,2/**P7 S:*2,4/**S45 S:*5,9 S:*3/**LI 2 S:*1,7 S:*8,6/**B65-S42 S:*6,1/**K1

S = Stomach Mer., the Stomach Mer. is opened today. Only one or two meridians are opened a day in a 10-day circle for 10 meridians related to 5 solid (parenchymatous) and 6 hollow internal organs.

This is one of the best dates to do treatment for "stomach" problems.

Note: 2,1/ 9,8/ 7,2/..., the numbers after S: are 8-Hui point #, NOT the # in S (Stomach) Mer.

*(before slash) Acupoints from Ling Gui Ba Fa Acupuncture

**(after slash) Acupoints from Na Jia Fa Acupuncture

MERIDIANS CODES: L=Lung, LI=Large Intestine, S=Stomach, Sp=Spleen, H=Heart, SI=Small Intestine, B=Bladder, K=Kidney, P=Pericardium, TE(SJ)=Triple Energizer (Sanjiao), G=Gallbladder, Liv=Liver;

8-HUI ACUPOINT CODES: # 1= B62 (Shenmai), # 2 & # 5 = K6 (Zhaohai), # 3 = TE (Waiguan), # 4 = G41 (Foot-Linqi), # 6 = Sp4 (Gongsun), # 7 = SI3 (Houxi), # 8 = P6 (Neiguan), # 9 = L7 (Lieque)

Four Pairs of 8-Hui Points: # 1 & # 7 (B62 & SI 3), # 2 & # 9 (K6 & L7), # 3 & # 4 (TE5 & G41), # 5 & # 9 (same as #2 &9), # 6 & # 8 (Sp4 & P6).

There are different ways to do Chrono acupuncture treatment:

You may select just the best day for an opened meridian for that meridian problem using the points you used before no matter what points in the calendar;

You may select the best day for an opened meridian plus any your points or/and "8 Hui" points (from Ling Gui Ba Fa), or "5-Shu" points (from Na Jia Fa) from Dr. Wu's MNEF Calendar;

You may select just the "8 Hui" points only in a certain day no matter what meridian opened at that day;

You may select the "8 Hui" points (from Ling Gui Ba Fa), or "5-Shu" points (from Na Jia Fa) Both from Dr. Wu's MNEF Calendar no matter what meridian opened at that day.

Option 1. Select the Date and Hour for a Specific Patient:

1. Find a date which matches the meridian for the patient's symptoms, e.g. 03/06/2003 is one of the best days to do treatment for a patient with Stomach (S) problems, that means all the problems related to the stomach Area or the S (Stomach) Meridian.

2. Find the hours in that day which match the best Acupoints for patient's symptoms, e.g. 8-9 am, 8-9 pm, 10-11 pm in 03/06/2003 are the best hours to do treatment in that day. The Acupoints # 6 (Sp4-Gongsu) and # 8 (P6-Neiguan), which are best for stomach problems (S, Stomach Mer. and "Chest Area") in "8-Hui" Points, will be opened during these hours. Please see Indication of the "8-Hui" Acupoints.

Option 2. Select the Best Acupoints for the Specific Hours in a Certain Date:

If you have to do treatment in a certain hour, the Acupoints shown in the MNEF Calendar at that hour of the day are the best ones to be selected, no matter what symptoms your patient has. It's better to combine another pair of "8-Hui" points related to this specific problem. Please see Indication of the "8-Hui" Acupoints.

Option 3. Use "8-Hui" "5-Shu"Points:

Normally, first select the "8-Hui" Acupoints according to "Ling Gui Ba Fa Acupuncture " (shown in the First one or two of each calendar hour by numbers* before a slash); then secondly, if necessary, according to "Na Jia Fa Acupuncture " (shown after a slash of each calendar hour by letters & numbers**). See sample above.

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