The Acu-Eight Hui Converging Acupoint #6 -Sp4 (Gongsun)

acupuncture acupressure spleen meridian points Sp4 acupuncture acupressure spleen meridian points Sp4

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CHINESE NAME of Acupuncture point Sp4 :

Gongsun, Gong means connection; sun means reticular collateral. Sun here indicates collateral. From this point the collateral of the Spleen Mer. connects with the Stomach Mer.

LOCATION of Acupuncture point Sp4:

One inch after the First Toe join, beside the First Metatarsal, 0.5 - 0.8 deep.

INDICATION of Acupuncture point Sp4:

Stomachache, vomiting, digestive disorder, gas in colon, pain in lower abdomen, diarrhea, edema, insomnia, somnolence etc.

HINT for All Acupoints:

You should feel sour or numb, but Not knife-cut like pain when pressing. The acupoints are usually between or beside the bones and tendons or ligaments, on a depression, never on the bones or blood vessels.

MERIDIANS CODES: L=Lung, LI=Large Intestine, S=Stomach, Sp=Spleen, H=Heart, SI=Small Intestine, B=Bladder, K=Kidney, P=Pericardium, TE(SJ)=Triple Energizer (Sanjiao), G=Gallbladder, Liv=Liver;

8-HUI ACUPOINT CODES: 1=B62(Shenmai), 2,5=K6(Zhaohai), 3=TE(SJ)5(Waiguan), 4=G41(Foot-Linqi), 6=Sp4(Gongsun), 7=SI3(Houxi), 8=P6(Neiguan), 9=L7(Lieque)

# #2, #5 #3 #4 #1 #7 #8 #9
8 Hui Points K6 TE5 G41 B62 SI 3 P6 L7

Two ways make acupuncture easy for you:

1. Learn just 4 pairs of 8-Hui acupoints and use our Chrono acupuncture calendar;

2. Use Haci Acupressure Cupping Set (Supervised by China Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute) instead of needles to do acupuncture: the suction cups with Acu-magnet tablet head work for the points of your body just like the acupuncture needles worked for the points and meridians.

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