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Stop Smokikng the Natural & Easy Way!

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches 中药戒烟贴

All Natural contents, No Medicines! Up to 45% off Wholesales Prices!

Main Ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula (Dang Shen) 党参, Chrysanthemum flower 菊花, Cloves 丁香, Menthol 薄荷醇 (All Chinese herbal natural contents, included only 0.7% natural tobacco leaf).

Package: Size 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2"); 5 patches in single wrapped foil bag, 6 bags per box, 30 patches in total, Houde Hanfang brand.


Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches adopt the Trans-Dermal (through the skin) Therapy. The active ingredients can penetrate the skin and act the sensitive nervous system. It may recover the central nervous function which is destroyed by nicotine and may stimulate the gustatory cells in the mouth. Let the smokers feel insipid, smelly, and disgusted when they smoke, then help smokers abstain from smoking. The active ingredients may also decompose nicotine and other unhealthy chemicals to diminish the uncomfortable or frustrating feeling after quitting or cutting down on cigarettes.


Directions: (Read more detailClick to Print Out Instructions.)

1. Remove the protective paper, paste a patch on the wrist or arm, or other cleaned upper inner parts of the body, such as thigh and hip.

2. Supply one Anti-Smoke Patch on one hand per day, for 14 consecutive days. It may need longer for some smokers.

Click for More Pictures and details.

Smoker's Option Smokeless Non-Tobacco Mimic Cigarettes

No tar, no CO, no nicotine, no tobacco! Fake cigarettes, inhale only, don't light up! One "cigarette" may last a few hours to one day and costs only ¢40 each!

This smokeless product, which consists of cinnamon-flavored filter material - like that used in a cigarette filter - looks and feels like a real paper cigarette, but contains no tobacco or nicotine, and does not burn. The smokers simply draw or inhale on Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes whenever they have the desire to smoke a cigarette.

Smoker's Option Cinnamon Cigarettes are just like real paper cigarettes but non-tobacco! 20 king-size (85 mm) "cigarettes" in a hard pack.

WebMD Health News: Nicotine-Free 'Fake' Cigarettes May Help Smokers Quit!

(source: May 13, 2011,


PACKAGES of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

Similar to tobacco cigarettes, each package of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes contains 20 pieces of "cigarettes", Cinnamon flavor. No matter you are ready or not ready to quit smoking yet, here is your solution if you want something in your mouth psychologically. One Carton contains 10 packs.


INGREDIENTS of Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

Filter material (material just like that used in a real cigarette filter), Cinnamon oil (very small amount for flavor only).

Smoker's Option is a rewarding, Smokeless, Non-tobacco cigarette alternative for situations where you can't, or choose Not to smoke. Do not light Smoker's Option, simply draw on it like a cigarette. There is no tar or nicotine, just a pleasing cinnamon taste. It looks and feels like a cigarette, but it contains no tobacco, no tar, no nicotine. Just enjoyable flavor Cinnamon.


DIRECTIONS for Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes:

You don't light it. Just draw or inhale on a Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cigarettes like you would a usual cigarette to enjoy the great taste, without lighting up! Each "cigarette" may be inhaled again and again until no taste, it may last several hours up to 1-2 days. One "cigarette" may even last a week or longer if you just want a cigarette in your mouth or hand psychologically. Use anywhere including "No Smoking" areas.

It may help you cut down on the cigarettes smoked daily even if you are not ready to quit yet.


BENEFITS: Why Smokeless? Are Smoked Herbal Cigarettes Safe?

It's very important to know that although many herbal cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine-free, they are NOT safe because they Do Contain TAR and CO (Carbon Monoxide), which cause hypoxemia (hypoxia) at least when you burn it.

This smokeless product, which consists of a cinnamon-flavored filter material used in a cigarette filter, looks and feels like a cigarette, but contains no tobacco or nicotine, and does not burn. The smokers simply draw or inhale on Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig. whenever they have the desire to smoke a cigarette.

With the increase in smoking restrictions, these Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig are perfect to accommodate smokers in a smoke-free area such as libraries, airports, or restaurants Smoke-Away day visiting with friends who are non-smokers. It is a rewarding smokeless alternative for adults who enjoy cigarettes even if they want to quit.


TESTIMONIALS for these Smoker's Option Non-tobacco Cig.:

Letter from J. Cooper, smoking for 40 years, who uses only Smoker's Option Menthol Non-tobacco Cigarettes and quits smoking! Click to review the Letter from J. CooperClick to review E-mail from L. Carlson, Jamestown, Rhode Island. (We never asked to send this letter and email, guaranteed!)

ENDIT Mint Flavor Inhaler

ENDIT No Nicotine Menthol Inhaler is plastic mimic cigarettes but no tobacco, no tar, no CO (Carbon Monoxide), and no any harmful contents!

( Click for More Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3Photo4 Photo 5 )

You may draw on the Endit Smokeless inhaler as you would a cigarette and receives a flavor similar to a menthol cigarette. And it mimics the feel in the user's fingers and mouth of a standard cigarette. Each inhaler will last up to 30 consecutive hours of use and may last up to a few days of fitful use. The product is useful for smokers who are trying to quit but have a strong psychological dependency on the act of smoking. It's better to be combined with other quit smoking products since Endit No Nicotine Menthol Inhaler has no active contents.


Package: 2 mimic plastic cigarettes per box. It's a device shaped to look like a king-size (85 mm) cigarette and contains menthol flavorings.


INGREDIENTS: Tobacco similar flavor (Propylene Glycol, Alcohol, Natural & Artificial Flavors), Vanilla, Menthol, Mate Tea. Mate tea, also known as Yerba mate, is an herb native to South America that is known for its ability to increase concentration levels while still promoting relaxation. It is used as a regular daily tea and in a variety of hot drinks.

Propylene glycol (PG), is a colorless, odorless chemical that is used as a food additive in cosmetics and in pharmaceuticals as an inert solvent or carrier. Its industrial applications include antifreeze, hydraulic fluids, deicing liquids, and coolants. PG is recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA includes Propylene glycol on its list of substances Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS), and it meets the requirements of acceptable compounds within Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Considering PG has been widely used for many years without serious side effects, the substance can reasonably be said of negligible concern. (source:


DIRECTIONS: To use, pull Pin from the end of ENDIT and inhale, adjust the taste by the strength of inhaling. The Pin does not have to be replaced and you may discard it if using an inhaler quite often. It's better to keep the Pin and put it back when the inhaler is not used. The flavor of the inhaler should last longer in that way, up to a few days. This may vary depending on the strength of inhaling.

Golden Herbal Lozenge

Patent Chinese Herbal Formula 金嗓子喉片

All Natural contents, No Medicines! Buy more and get 15-20% off!

( Click for More Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3 Photo 4Photo 5)


Ingredients: Buddha's Fruit (arhat fruit, Luo Han Gua) 1.7 mg, Honeysuckle Flower (Jin Yin Hua) 16 mg, Tangerine peel (Jug Hong) 1.7 mg, Star Anise oil 0.18 mg, Eucalyptus oil 3 mg, Peppermint Oil 6 mg, sugar 2 g.


Package: 12 large lozenges. One box contains 2 blister packs, each pack contains 6 large pieces of herbal lozenges. Each piece may last about 15 minutes. 


Directions: Adults and children 6 years older, take one lozenge, several times per day if necessary. Hold in mouth and let dissolve.

Golden Herbal Lozenges is formulated by Biological Prof. Wang Yaodong of Shanghai Huadong Normal University of China. Throat and lung disorders are very common for smokers. Golden Herbal Lozenges is made with Buddha's Fruit, Peppermint oil, and other natural Chinese herbs on the theory of free radical. It has strong cleansing, detoxifying and smoothing effects for your throat and lungs.

For Smokers: Dissolve one Golden Lozenge in the mouth every 2 hours if necessary. Preferably after smoking or whenever you have the desire to smoke. You may not want a cigarette anymore after you take a herbal lozenge. You will feel the effect right away! The lozenges should be completely dissolved in the month. For best results, don't chew it.

It is good for smokers and non-smokers both with throat disorders or hoarse voices, Itchy Throat, and so on.

Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas 

Bao Ji Wan 保济丸

(Wanglaoji Digestion Support, Po Chai Pills, Curing Pills, Kang Ning Wan)

PACKAGE: 20 vials per box, 3.7 g of very small pills (2 mm) in each vial, Net Wt. 74 g (2.61 oz). Manufacturer: Guangzhou Wanglaoji Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, China. One of the most famous brands for Chinese patent herbal products.  (Buy more for 10-30% off)

( Click for more Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4 )


INGREDIENTS: Uncaria rhynchophylla (Gou Tang), Chrysanthemum (Gu Hua), Trichosanthes (Tian Hua Feng), Chinese Mint (Bo He), Rice Seed (Gu Ya), Tribulus (Ji Li), Tangerine (Chen Pi), Massa Medicada Fermentata (Guang Dong Shen Qu), Poria sclerotium (Fu Ling), Kudzu root (Ge Geng), Job’s tears seed (Yi Ren), Patchouli above-ground parts (Huo Xiang), Magnolia bark of stem, twig, and root (Hou Pu), Cang-Zhu Atractylodes rhizome (Qang Shu), Fragrant angelica root (Bai Zhi). Other Ingredients: Talc, Dextrin, FD&C Red No. 40. (Propriety blend 3.7g per vial in total)


DIRECTIONS: Take 1/2 to 1 vial (1.85-3.70 g) each time, 1-4 times daily if necessary.


ACTIONS: A very famous Chinese patent herbal formula since 1896 (Qing Dynasty) for quick relief of acute gastrointestinal discomforts. This is a "Must Have" home remedy for most Chinese families and is strongly recommended to take along with your travel.


INDICATIONS: 1. For stomach cold or flu with symptoms, e.g. chill, low fever, nausea, and vomiting, diarrhea, or loose stool; 2. Upset in the stomach caused by over-eating, over-drinking, wrong food intake, and car or air motion sickness.


PRECAUTION: Not recommended to use for serious upset stomach, vomiting, and non-stop diarrhea caused by acute gastrointestinal infectious disease.

San Ju Gan Mao Tablets 桑菊感冒片

(San Ju Yin Qiao Tablets, Sanju Ganmao Pian, Chrysanthemum Yin-Qiao)

PACKAGE: 60 un-coated tablets per bottle. Manufacturer: Lucky Mart, Inc. California, Made in the USA, LW (Lao Wei) brand, All natural ingredients, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives Guaranteed! (Buy more for 10-30% off)

( Click for more Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3, Photo 4Photo5Photo 6 )


INGREDIENTS: Chrysanthemum (Ju Fua) 360 mg, White Mulberry leaf (San Yie) 350 mg, Reed rhizome (Lu Gen) 280 mg, Platycodon (Ju Gang) 280 mg, Forsythia (Lian Qiao) 220 mg, Coptis rhizome (Huang Lian) 180 mg, Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Fua) 180 mg, Mint (Bo He) 150 mg. Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate (to make tablets).

DIRECTIONS: Take 3-4 tablets each time with water, 2-3 times daily.


ACTIONS: Classical formula since Qing Dynasty (about 200 years ago) to cleanse the Lungs, disperse wind-heat and cough, anti-inflammation effects similar to Yin-Qiao.


INDICATIONS: 1. For common cold or flu with "Wind-Heat" symptoms, e.g. thirsty, low or higher fever, running nose, nasal congestion with thick, yellow or green snivel, headache; 2. As a basic formula, add other herbs for bronchitis, cough, and other body heat symptoms.


PRECAUTION: Not for Wind-Cold symptoms.

Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Expelling Extract Pills 川芎茶调丸

(Ligusticum Tea Pills, Chuanxiong Chatiao Wan)

PACKAGE: 200 very small pills (2.5 mm) per bottle. Manufacturer: Lanzhou Traditional Herbs GMP Certified Products,

China. (Buy more for 10-30% off)

( Click for more Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3, Photo 4Photo5 )


INGREDIENTS: Ligusticum Wallichii rhizome (Chuan Xiong), Fragrant Angelica root (Bai Zhi), Notopterygium root & rhizome (Qiang Huo), Siler root (Saposhnikoviae root, Fang Feng), Schizonepeta aboveground parts (Jing Jie), Chinese Mint (Bo He), Chinese Licorice root (Gan Cao). Each serving provides 1.28 g herbal expelling extract (concentrated). 


DIRECTIONS: Take 8 small pills each time with warm water or light tea, 2-3 times daily.


ACTIONS: Classical formula since Song Dynasty (about 900 years ago) to disperse wind-cold and stop headaches.


INDICATIONS: 1. For common cold or flu with "Wind-Cold" symptoms, e.g. chill, low fever, running nose, nasal congestion with clear snivel, headache; As a basic formula, add other herbs for different kinds of headaches, included nervous headache.


PRECAUTIONS: Not for cold or flu and headache with high fever or nasal congestion with thick and yellow or green snivel; Not recommended for headache due to high blood pressure or hyper-ascendant Liver Yang, or chronic deficiency.

Sore Throat Sprayed Herbal Powder 喉风散

(Superior Sore Throat Powder, Hou Feng San)

PACKAGE: 2.2-gram powder in a sprayed bottle inside a box with a formal pharmaceutical e-UPC bar code from China government. New packaging from the same manufacturer is included a tiny tip to prevent blocked by the powder. Also called Superior Sore Throat Powder, Hou Feng Shan.

( Click for more Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3, Photo 4Photo5 )


INGREDIENTS: Coptis root (Chinese goldenseal), Borneol, Licorice, Pigeon pea root, Pearl powder, Calculus Bovis, Natural Indigo (Isatis pigment), sugar, and so on.


INDICATIONS: Use for sore throat, gum or tongue soreness or ulcer from cold or flu, smoking, or other minor infections.


DIRECTIONS: Press the bottle and spray a little bit of powder into your mouth, keep the powder inside your mouth as long as possible..

Regular Chinese  Loose Tea Blocks

Chinese Yunnan Tea Blocks 云南茶果

 Select from 4 Kinds of Green, Black, Jasmine & Pu-Erh Tea

Are you Looking for high-quality AND clean green tea or worry about caffeine in tea? We can show you how to make good tea, maximize the health benefits AND minimize the effects of caffeine!

Welcome to the internet source for Loose Tea Blocks! It may change your whole life of drinking. Know more about green, white, oolong, black, Pu'er, and jasmine teas, about health benefits of teas. Teas are rich in Antioxidants -the main De-poison agent for body cells: tea is equal to or better than Red Wine without any alcohol! Tea may take place of your coffee --you take less caffeine and much more antioxidants!

Here is our best solution for you: As clean as regular teabags, as beneficial as loose teas. We introduce this new kind of Chinese tea from Yunnan, the Chinese high land -Loose Tea Blocks of green, black, Pu'er, and jasmine tea, single wrapped and sealed in a teabag.

A special tea for China Kunming Expo International with Chinese government "Safety & Green Food" Seal


Ingredients: Yunnan regular loose Green tea, or Black, Jasmine, Pu-Erh tea.


PACKAGE: 125 g (4.4 oz) Pressed Loose Tea in total, about 36-40 single wrapped loose tea blocks ("tea candies) in the package, each loose tea bag is good for 3-4 cups of tasty tea by again adding boiling water. Note: the leaf floats to the bottom after a few minutes and no filter or the special cup is needed.


What's Pu-Er tea (the "oldest tea" in the world, the regular tea which Tibetan and Mongolian drink every day)? Click Here.

Wild Chinese Ginseng & American Ginseng Root 野生人参

Included: Wild American Ginseng Root, Wood-grown (Half-Wild) Chinese Ginseng Root, and Ginseng Teabags


Ginseng -the "King of Herbs", Ginseng is good for Qi (Vital energy) deficiency, Chinese or Korean ginseng is for Yang while American ginseng is for Yin. You may add honey, sweetener, or Chrysanthemum to all ginseng tea for better taste.

Introduce powerful Wild Ginseng: Did you try wild ginseng before? Do you know the differences between wild and cultured ginseng? The Wild Ginseng may live several hundred years while the Cultured Ginseng on a farm can not live longer than 5-6 years. Naturally undisturbed grown in the forest, the Wild Ginseng contains all the ginsenosides (the effective contents of ginseng) which some of them won't develop until the plant.




1. Dried Wild Uncultivated Chinese Ginseng Root -Whole White Root in a gift box, Woods-grown under forest

Complete whole root with Rhizome Nodes in a red wooden gift box. All roots are shown in their unique own picture and sold as it. A package includes two smaller whole roots. Inspection Certification from Chinese Government Agent is included in each package. $89.99 for 2 Whole Roots.


Click for More Pictures: Item 20025864;  Inspection Certification;  Red Wood Gift Box (outside);  Red Wood Gift Box (inside);


INGREDIENTS: 18-20 years old, Dried wild (Woods grown under forest) white Chinese Ginseng root (Panax Ginseng, C.A. Mey) from Chang-Bai natural mountain in North-Eastern China.

Wild Ginseng grows naturally in the forest without human cultivation. It is light in texture and wrinkled (more Grains on root), darker color. Each root has long intact Ginseng Rhizome Nodes (the more the elder) to guarantee age.


DIRECTIONS: Use 1-2 gram each time, take it like candy after washing it with water, or add boiling water, again and again, drink the tea and take it at end of the day. Once a week.


2. Wild Uncultivated American Ginseng Root -Aged Grown-up Naturally in North American Mountains

5-12 grams per package. All roots are shown in their unique own picture and sold as it. Click below for large pictures and see Item No. on the bottom. The packages may contain a few tiny roots. $34.99 for a pack of small roots, 5.68 g.


Click for More Pictures: Item No. 061015-1.


INGREDIENTS: Wild American Ginseng roots, 20-25 years old.


Wild Ginseng grows naturally in the forest without human cultivation. It is light in texture and wrinkled (more Grains on root), darker color. Each root has long intact Ginseng Rhizome Nodes (the more the elder)


DIRECTIONS: Use 1 gram or 1 inch length of a larger root, or 2 inches length of smaller root each time, take it like candy after washing it with water, or add boiling water, again and again, drink the tea and take it at end of the day. Twice a week.


WARNING: Wild Ginseng is very powerful. Don't take it too much. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), wild ginseng may increase body "heat". It's good for energy, but not good to take it when catching a cold or having a higher body temperature.


3. Wild American Ginseng Instant Granule Tea -Caffeine-free, Made in the USA

0.1 oz (3 g) instant granule sealed in a teabag, 10 teabags inbox. Prince of Peace brand, $7.50 for a box of 10 sacs (30 g).


INGREDIENTS: Wild American ginseng root, Wisconsin American ginseng root (cultured), glucose.


Disclaimer: The health benefits of tea, food, or herbs mentioned on our websites are for information only. We do not recommend the use of tea, food, or herbs as a substitute for medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.


Ripened Pu-Erh Tea Black Disc (Cake)

Pu-Er Tea is also called Dark or "Black" tea, Pu'er or Pu-Erh tea. Some very old wild tea trees were found in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China, one of them is1700 years old, still alive, and used to made Pu-Er tea.

Pu Erh, Pu-Er, or Pu'er is the regular tea that Tibetan and Mongolian drink every day. They believe that Pu Erh tea can help them "digest" meats and may feel sick if not drinking Pu'er tea in a day since they eat a lot of meats as their regular food.


Are you drink coffee daily? One suggestion for your health: Drink less coffee and try our "Tea Coffee" -Pu'er tea or Black tea which have similar color, good taste and you may add milk or sugar in it, just like coffee. You may even use your coffee maker to make tea, just like the way you make coffee. You may use half coffee and half Pu'er (or black) tea to make Yuan-Yang (Coffee-Tea) --a special Chinese drink in many Hong Kong Tea Restaurants. You find more information about it From WebMD: ( or Click Here for detail.

( Click for More Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3 )


Package: 340 g (12 oz), Pressed Loose Tea. Foo Joy trademark by Hong Kong Tea Clipper Co., Ripened ("Cooked" ) Pu'er loose tea black disc from Yunnan, China, about 5 years old. 


INGREDIENTS: Yunnan Pu-Er tea (Ripped)


DIRECTIONS: Used about one teaspoon each time for 4-5 cups regular tea or 2-3 cups stronger milk tea; one disc is for more than 50 times or 200 cups. For "How to Store the Pu-Erh Tea Discs" and "How to Make best lose Puer tea drink"? Please Click Here.

Special Chinese Healthy Diet Teas

Select from 4 Kinds of Chinese Herbal Diet Teas


1. Ku Ding Wild Green Tea --Most alkaline tea, lest caffeine

Introduce Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea from South-Western Mountains in China. Ku-Ding Tea is used as an herb or daily drink for more than several hundred years in China. Many doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have discovered that Ku-Ding may promote good health. The possible benefits are lowering both cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, helping promote weight loss, to prevent infections or prostate problems, and all other benefits from regular green tea. Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea contains more antioxidants and almost noncaffeine (99% less than regular tea). You may drink Ku Ding Green Tea even if you are NOT overweight!


Ingredients: 100% Wild Ku-Ding Green Tea


PACKAGE: Tianfang brand, 25 teabags/box. Please note that: You may drink it even if you are NOT overweight. $8.99 /box


Click for Large Pictures: Photo 1Photo 2


This Kuding tea comes from Guniuxiang, a virgin forest on the high mountains in the South-East of China. Also called "Bitter Tea", Ku Ding is made from Broadleaf Holly leaf (Folium llicis Latifoliae), not like the regular green tea which is from Camellia Sinensis. It tastes like regular green tea but bitter. Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea contains more antioxidants and Selenium (Se), almost non-caffeine (99% less than regular tea). Add a tea bag into hot water to make green tea in just a few seconds. It has strong "cleansing" effects used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each tea bag can be made 4-5 cups of tea, the package lasts about one month if drinking every day.


2. Chinese Herbal Diet White Tea --Bojenmi


PACKAGE: 20 tea bags/box; Bojenmi brand. $4.99 /box. Click for a Large Pictures.


INGREDIENTS: Fukien white tea -the regular tea with lest caffeine, Hawthorn fruit, Sprout Barley, Indian bread, Tangerine peel, Selfheal spike, Lophanthus, Asian water plantain, Medicated leaven (Dried mass of a fermented mixture of wheat flour and herbs), Adzuki bean, Radish (Dikang) seed, Cassia seed.


3. Legends of China Herbal Diet Tea


PACKAGE: 30 teabags/box; Dieters's brand; USA Manufacturer, $6.99 /box. Click for a Large Pictures.


INGREDIENTS: Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mellow), Senna leaf (Cassia Angustifokia) -No caffeine. (Note: this herb is no good if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal pain). No caffeine


4. Yunnan Green Tuocha Blocks


PACKAGE: 200 grams, about 35-40 single wrapped loose Green Yunnan Tuo-cha tea blocks in a sealed bag. S Mark (Safe Quality Food) by the Chinese government. $8.99 /package. Click for Large Picture1;  Picture 2.


Use as a famous anti-cholesterol tea. French nutritionists have confirmed that Yunnan Tuocha Tea is capable of keeping balance and control over Cholesterol. (source: Paris Henrylendo Medical College and the Orson’ Laboratory of Nutrition, France).


Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy

HACI Magnetic Acupressure Suction Cupping Set

with Silver Tablet Header

哈兹负压磁头吸杯 (新型拔火罐)

Learn & Do Acupuncture Cupping by Yourself, the easy but effective way!

Introduce HACI Magnetic Acupressure Suction Cups (Supervised by China Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute)

No Needle, No Electricity, No burning, Safe & Effective.


( Click for More Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8 )


Package: 8 cups in 4 sizes with Silver Header, 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and X-large, 2 kinds of Acu-magnet Tablet Heads -N (North pole) and S (South pole) for each size; and a nice small leather case to keep the cups together, a small can of Tiger Balm.


Instructions: The suction cups work for the points of your body just like the acupuncture needles worked for the points and meridians.


For best results, put a small amount of Tiger Balm or herbal oil on the acupoint (or buy an additional Cupping Herbal cream) for best results and to protect the skin. Squeeze the bulb between fingers and put the suction cup on the acupoint or sensitive points on the skin, then release the bulb to the desired pressure. The cup should have enough pressure to stay on the point to do acupressure automatically.


You may use the Acu-magnet tablet head inside a cup to do acupressure for some points which are too small to put a cup on.

FREE consulting and instructions from Dr. Wu, a Chinese doctor, for acupoints to be selected.


For Detailed Instructions of Cupping Set, Click Here.


The Benefits of Acupressure Cupping:

1. Safe: The needles are punctured under the skin while the cups are just sucked on the skin. Avoid any infection or injury by needles.

2. Simple and Easy to use: Acupuncture needles use hand or electricity and need more experience or supplies while the cupping uses its negative pressure to stimulate acupoints and meridians and simple, easy to use.

3. No pain, No bleeding: Acupuncture by needles may cause pain or bleed while Acupressure Cupping causes neither pain nor bleeding.

4. For some acupoints which are too small to use cups, you may use the Magnetic Tablet Head to do acupressure.

5. Cheaper cost: The acupuncture needles can be used only in a short term or disposable while the Acupressure Cups can be used again and again for many years.

Anti-Smoke Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets

Anti-Smoke Zerosmoke Auricular Therapy Magnets 耳穴戒烟磁贴


Externally Ear Acupressure, Quit Smoking the Natural, easy and lazy way! Working for most smokers, No Chemicals, No Pills! One kit lasts a lifetime! On Sale! Buy more, 15-30% off!


A pair of magnets are worn on the inside and outside of the upper ear at a specific pressure point. The magnets work through Auricular Therapy and use the principles of ear acupuncture to release the same endorphins in the brain which are released when a cigarette is smoked. A smoker can still smoke while using the magnets, but they may notice that the cigarette isn't as appealing and they will gradually lose their desire to smoke, generally within 1-2 weeks.


30 Day Money-back Guarantee: Try it for 2-4 weeks, if not working for you, just return it in an envelope and we will refund your cost for this product (except the shipping and handling fee).


Package: 2 round magnet pieces plated with 24-K gold; One 8 mm (5/16") diameter and one 4 mm (1/8") diameter.


( Click for More Pictures: Photo1Photo 2Photo 3Photo 4Photo 5Photo 6Photo 7Photo 8, Photo 9 )


Ingredients: Zerosmoke is not ingested. The magnets are plated with 24-K gold and are much less likely to make skin allergies by contacting.



1. Using your dried fingers, the smaller magnet is placed on the front of the ear while the larger one is placed just opposite behind the ear. Initially, the magnets are placed on the upper left ear (See picture for the extract point) but can be switched to the other ear or select the Alternative lower point (See picture).

2. The magnets are to be worn for 2 to 4 hours each day, generally for 1-2 hours in the morning and then 1-2 hours later but before bedtime.

3. A few smokers may experience some unpleasant or discomfort from nicotine withdrawal (i.e. anxiety, hunger, depression, etc.). You may move the magnet location slightly, switch to another ear, or just remove the magnets and wear the magnets fewer hours daily. Instead, press or massage the same point for 30-60 seconds each time.

4. Most smokers will cut down on cigarettes gradually within 1-2 weeks. After complete quitting, it's better to wear the magnets for a few days but fewer hours. If the results are not good for you, stop using it after 4 weeks. You may try it again one month later.

5. Some smokers, psychologically, want to hold something on hands or put something in their mouth. Then, please combine our herbal lozenges or fake cigarettes.


Precautions: The manufacturer states that Zerosmoke should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted insulin pump, or other electro-medical devices, as the magnetic properties of Zerosmoke may interfere with functioning of these devices. In addition, pregnant women should not use Zerosmoke.

Bio-Clock Chrono Acupuncture

Chrono Acupuncture Points Calendar


Dr. Wu's MNEF (Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow, Zi-Wu-Liu-Zhu) Chrono Acupoints Calendar


Package: 12 pages of Print-out for 3 months (week by week) with All opened Chrono Acupoints in every hour day by day. $3.99 /3-months (12 weeks)


INTRODUCE Chrono Acupuncture, also called Circadian Acupuncture, Zi Wu Liu Zhu or Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (MNEF) acupuncture. The calculations to find out an opened acupoint by bio-clock (circadian hours) are complex, but our Dr. Wu's Practical Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (MNEF) Acupuncture Acupoint Calendar makes it much easier because Dr. Wu, a Chinese doctor, has done all calculation for you already!


Click for Chinese: Zi Wu Liu Zhu in TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


(click to learn the Calculations of Chrono Acupuncture)


There are different ways to do Chrono acupuncture treatment:

You may select just the best day for an opened meridian for that meridian problem using the points you used before no matter what points in the calendar;

You may select the best day for an opened meridian plus any of your points or/and "8 Hui" points (from Ling Gui Ba Fa), or "5-Shu" points (from Na Jia Fa) from Dr. Wu's MNEF Calendar;

You may select just the "8 Hui" points only on a certain day no matter what meridian opened on that day;

You may select the "8 Hui" points (from Ling Gui Ba Fa), or "5-Shu" points (from Na Jia Fa) Both from Dr. Wu's MNEF Calendar no matter what meridian opened on that day.


Do You Want to learn acupuncture or acupressure, but don't have time or money to go to acupuncture college?

Are You a busy health professional and don't have time to learn several hundred acupuncture acupoints?

Do You Know the Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (Zi Wu Liu Zhu) Acupuncture Theory but aren't able to do daily calculations taking hours of time during your practice?

Do You Want to know how to use Bio-clock or Chrono-biology in Acupuncture or Acupressure?


You Can learn the Chrono acupuncture or Midnight-Noon Ebb-Flow (Zi Wu Liu Zhu) Acupuncture -- a Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Theory, the Simple Way! No matter whether you are a health professional or a beginner, learn and use the Eight Hui Converging Acupoints of this Chrono Biological Acupuncture System! We have all graphics on our website to show you the locations of these acupoints.


No 14 Meridians! No 300-400 Acupoints! No Giant Textbook! No 5-10 Anatomic Charts! No long-term programs! Use 8 Hui Acupoints and cover more than 90% of the acupuncture treatment for health problems!

The Acupuncture Calendar reveals an ancient Chinese medical technique in terms of modern Chrono-Biological medicine!

This Acupuncture technique doubles the effects of Acupuncture or Acupressure. Use the Bio-clock to select the best time and best acupuncture points to do Acupuncture or Acupressure!


Included are the best acupuncture methods of Ziwu Liuzhu used by Chinese doctors throughout history and today -- Nin Gui Ba Fa (The Eight Magic Turtle Techniques) Acupuncture and Na Jia Fa Acupuncture. The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors have used these acupuncture methods for many years.


It's safe. All the Acupuncture Acupoints used are on limbs. All you need to know are just 9 numbers, 8 points, or 4 pairs!

You Can Learn it Even You are Not a Health Professional! We have all graphics to show you where these points are one by one. Click to see the Graphics of 8 Hui Acupoints.


If you want to see a Sample page of the MNEF Acupuncture Acupoint Calendarclick here.

It's simple (because we've done all the complex calculations!). It works for most problems, why not learn and try this effective and beneficial method Yourself?!


What are the "8-Hui" Converging AcupointsClick Here for detail on HOW TO USE "8-HUI" CONVERGING ACUPUNCTURE POINTS.


Any Questions? e.g. Why is it named 8 Magic Turtle? How about different Time Zones? Click here. Learn how to do calculations to find an opened acupoint? Click here.


Want to Read More Information for Chrono Acupuncture? Click Here.


Special Thanks to Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu), a famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, respected and renowned professional of the Eight Hui Converging Acupoint System in acupuncture.


Learn Acupuncture or Acupressure by yourself, the easy or lazy but effective Way! Two ways make acupuncture easy for you:

1. Learn just 4 pairs of 8-Hui acupoints and use our Chrono acupuncture calendar;

2. Introduce an Acupressure cupping set (Supervised by China Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute) instead of needles to do acupuncture: the suction cups with Acu-magnet tablet head work for the points of your body just like the acupuncture needles worked for the points and meridians.

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Dr. Sean Wu graduated from the Zhongshan University of Medical Science in China. He was a Medical Doctor (MD) in The Guangdong Provincial Hospital in Guangzhou (Canton). As a pharmacist of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncturist for 5 years, Dr. Wu worked in the Guangzhou Medical Company and was responsible for researching and purchasing Chinese Patent Herbal Products from manufacturers for 2 years before becoming an MD in China. He has knowledge of thousands of Chinese herbs and Patent Herbal Formulas.

In the United States, Dr. Sean Wu received a Master's Degree in Neuroscience (MS) from MUM, Iowa, USA. He worked for Dr. Kim Smith, MD, as an MD Assistant and was responsible for treatments with acupuncture and Chinese herbs under Dr. Smith's supervision.

Dr. Sean Wu learned the Eight Hui Converging Acupoint System under the supervision of a famous Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor, Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu). Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu) practiced professionally the Eight Hui Converging Acupoints, as well as acupuncture and TCM for more than 50 years in Canton, Hong Kong, and the US. Dr. Shekwoon Ng (Wu), who is a licensed acupuncture doctor in California, was President of the International Acupuncture College of Canton, China, and Hong Kong. He is Honorable President of United Acupuncture of California, Oriental Medicine, Ph. D. of S. F. Acupuncture University, and is listed in "Who is Who in California" of 1987.

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