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New Year's or New Life's Resolution, the Best Gift is Your Health!

We help smokers Quick Smoking since 1992, the Natural & Easy Way!

中草药戒烟 戒烟宁闻剂(鼻吸入剂) )
smokers herbal aroma nasal inhaler Patent Chinese Herbal Formula

Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler

This is our most stronger product to help you quit. Most smokers just need one bottle of the Herbal Inhaler to quit completely!

The bottle is 3/5-1/2 full — 3 ml herbal extract aroma liquid in a 5-6 ml inhaler Amber bottle, to guarantee you just SMELL the aroma, not inhale or sniff the liquid. You don't need to open the stopper, just open the cap and smell directly. One bottle lasts about 1-2 weeks. One bottle is usually enough for one smoker to quit.
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Instructions of Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler

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(Read these instructions before using. Use as directed or under the guidance of a health professional for best results!)

Whenever you have the desire to smoke, SMELL the herbal aroma (NOT sniff or inhale the liquid) a minute before lighting up a cigarette. This may help eliminate your desire to smoke or change the taste of cigarettes.

For best results-

1. Remove the cap from the bottle. Don't need to remove the stopper if having one. Hold the open bottle under your nose, close your eyes, andSMELL the aroma (NOT sniff or inhale the liquid) for 1-2 minutes 3 times daily, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening. Many smokers notice that desire to smoke fades in a few days, but keep using the aroma inhaler for at least 7 consecutive days.

2. In addition, smell the Smoker's Herbal Aroma for 1 minute or apply a little bit of the liquid under your nose whenever you have the desire to smoke. This may help eliminate your desire to light up a cigarette.

3. When finished, replace the cap and twist gently until the cap fits snugly to avoid leaking. The aroma liquid is highly evaporated!


1. This product is really effective and you may cut down on cigarettes significantly in 1-2 days. A few smokers may feel uncomfortable because of body’s reliance on nicotine before. Smell the aroma less and cut down on cigarettes gradually if necessary.

2. It may be necessary for a few smokers to use the aroma liquid for more than one week. If this is the case, continue using the aroma consistently until your desire for cigarettes is gone.

3. Never take the liquid internally. Although the herbal liquid contains no toxic contents, but it's stimulating. Avoid from eyes and keep away from children.

4. This aroma liquid may be suitable for nonsmokers to avoid smoking. When a nonsmoker is involuntarily surrounded by some smokers in a stadium, bar or casino and has to endure the waves of smoke, spray some aroma liquid around or apply a little bit to end of nose.

Longherb Health Products company fully guarantees this product, if you use it according to the instructions. You have to use the product properly to get the best results.

Product made in China, distributed in the USA exclusively by Longherb Health Product in California.

Our Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler (stop smoking herbs) is introduced in a popular book, ISBN 1-57954-134-8, The Herbal Drugstore by Dr. Linda B White, M.D. and Steven Foster, authority of natural health, herbs. Smoker's Herbal Aroma (stop smoking herbs) has benefits for both Smokers (to quit) and Non-smokers (to avoid Passive Smoking). To quit smoking now, try our natural Smoker's Herbal Aroma Inhaler.

PHYSICIAN SURVEY for Smoker's Herbal Aroma to quit smoking in the US
A survey was done in September, 1994 to 28 health professionals in the US, including 3 Medical Doctor (MD), 3 Chiropractors (D.C.), 9 Oriental Medical Doctors and 13 Acupuncturists. They used Smoker's Herbal Aroma inhaler (stop smoking herbs) to help 474 smokers of their smoking patients to stop smoking and found that: 61% of them were very effective or highly effective, 38% were somewhat effective (i.e. 99% were effective in total) and 96% of them reported no any side effects after quitting.
  • No medicine! No drugs! No pills! No videos or tapes! No hypnosis! No long-term programs!
  • It's NOT an oral inhaler, you don't need to spray and inhale any liquid. Just use the herbal quitting aroma, smell the pleasant herbal aroma to stop smoking! Just SMELL the herbal quitting aroma by your nose to quit or cut down on cigarettes in a few days.
  • Whether you are a smoker or just want to help someone you love to stop smoking; Whether you want to quit smoking or just cut down on cigarettes; Whether you worry about your health, money, or your loved ones.

This quitting aroma natural remedy from quit smoking herbs is the smoke away solution for your nagging problem of smoking, and — Five Good Reasons why to use this amazing herbal aroma liquid, medicinal herbal formula to Quit Smoking the Easy and Natural Way!

  1. Works Quickly to quit smoking;
  2. Works Automatically for smoking cessation;
  3. Completely Natural and Safe for smoke away;
  4. Over 90% Effective Rate in about one week for most cigarettes smokers;
  5. So Simple to Use, quitting smoking now!

Our natural products are Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler (stop smoking herbs) and Smoker's Option Smokeless Non-tobacco "Cigarettes" (Made in USA), Anti-Smoke Herbal Patch, Golden Herbal Lozenges and Smoker's Herbal Green Tea. You may click the links to learn more about all our herbal solutions.

Our herbal formulas are approved by Chinese government and have been used for many years by thousands of smokers in Asia before imported into the US. Dr. Wu, a Chinese Medical Doctor and herbalist, checks all herbal ingredients carefully to make sure without any toxic herbal contents. You can also check all herbs one by one in the ingredients by yourself.

Stop Smoking Now, for your health, for your family, for saving money, for the whole world and for the New Year's or Your New Life Solution!

Disclaimer: Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. But we don't recommend use of herbs as a complete substitute for regular diagnosis or medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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