Haci Magnetic Acupressure Suction Cups INSTRUCTIONS

Chinese Cupping

哈兹负压磁头吸杯 (新型拔火罐)

The Haci Magnetic Acupressure suction cup has 3 components:
the Plastic Cup, the magnetic tablet head (Acupressure magnet "needle") and the Negative Pressure bulb.

For cupping:

Put a small amount of Cupping Herbal Cream (included) on acupoint -- for best results. You may use Herbal Oil on the skin of point also. Just squeeze the bulb between fingers and put the suction cup on the acupoint or sensitive points on skin, then release bulb to desired pressure. The cup should have enough pressure to stay on the point; if it slips off, squeeze bulb more or use more herbal cream.

Laying down or sitting position with cups positioned on points for 15-30 minutes is recommended. Small size cup may be used longer while large size cup should be used shorter because large size cup is easier to cause bruise or blistering if used too long.You may do cupping once or twice daily.

CAUTION: Do not fall asleep with cups on the body- may cause bruise or blistering. If a bruise appears on the skin, do not use cupping on that point until bruise disappears. Apply some Cupping Herbal Ointment

To remove a cup after treatment, pinch the sac (ball) and loose a cup side by side. Don't pull out a cup strongly.

You may use the Magnetic Tablet Head for :

For some points which are too small to put a cup on, you may hold the cup and use the Tablet Head to pressure the points.

Four size cups are for different locations on the body:
Small size for face or the points with less muscle; feet and hand forearms. Medium size for upper arms and lower legs, Large and X-Large size for upper legs, back or abdomen.

There are 2 kinds of Acu-magnet Tablet Heads: N (North pole)-blue and S (South pole)-red. Use N-head and S-head together at the same time to increase the magnetic power. For example, use a N-head (blue) on right hand and a S-head (red) on left hand or vice versa; use a N-head (blue) on hand and a S-head (red) on leg or vice versa. But you don't have to use the magnetic power. You may just use the Tablet

FOR BEST RESULTS, you need to know where are the acupoints. Not like acupuncture with needles, you don't need to know the points accurately. For an acupuncture needle, you may need to locate a point in an area less than 1x1 cm (1/2x1/2 inches). For acupressure cupping, 1-1/4x1-1/4) around an acupoint.

For a specific symptom, you also need to learn which points are best for that. For easy practice or beginner, you may consider learn and use 8-Hui Acupoints system (just 8 acupoints are involved) or just use the Sensitive Points which are called "Asi"point in acupuncture. For detail of the 8-Hui Points, Click .

Use facial tissue or Alcohol Pad to clean the Haci Cups after treatment.

1. Don't do the cupping when you feel very tired, hungry or right after eating.
2. If you feel any uncomfortable after the cupping treatment, just remove the cups, laid down and rest for a while.
3. No cupping treatment for people with heart pacemaker, skin allergy, serious diseases, bleeding diseases (hemophilia, thrombocytopenia etc.). Or, ask your doctor or acupuncturist.
4. For some injury problems, tiny bruise after the cupping is normal.
5. Don't place the Haci Magnetic Cups close to heat source and electrical items which may reduce the magnetic power of the Acu-magnet Tablet Head.

You may use "Tiger Balm" or some herbal oil as a substitute of the Haci Cupping Cream.

For More effects, consider Acupressure Cupping Set with Silver Magnetic Tablet Head: The ancient Chinese doctors used Silver needle to do acupuncture, silver has higher conduction for biological electricity sterilized function.

Two ways make acupuncture easy for you:

1. Learn just 4 pairs of 8-Hui acupoints and use our Chrono acupuncture calendar;

2. Use Haci Acupressure Cupping Set (Supervised by China Acupuncture and Moxibustion Institute) instead of needles to do acupuncture: the suction cups with Acu-magnet tablet head work for the points of your body just like the acupuncture needles worked for the points and meridians.

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