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Quit Smoking Herbal Remedies

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中药戒烟贴 -All Natural contents, No Medicines! Up to 50% off Wholesales Prices!

Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches

Ingredients: Codonopsis pilosula (Dang Shen) 党参, Chrysanthemum flower 菊花, Cloves 丁香, Menthol 薄荷醇, Natural tobacco leaf (All Chinese herbal natural contents, included 0.7% natural tobacco leaf).

Package: Size 5 x 5 cm (2 x 2"); 5 patches in single wrapped foil bag, 6 bags per box, 30 patches in total, Houde Hanfang brand. (More package picture)

ss5 42.46 5 box Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches shop 10herbal aroma inhaler
Made in USA

10 Smoker's Option Cinnamon Non-tobacco Cig. -one carton

Made in USA, One "cigarette" may last a few hours to one day and costs only ¢34 each! 10 packs at $6.79 each. Buy 10 Save 15% ($11.99 off)!
ss22 67.92 10 pk smokers option smokeless cinnamon cigarettes shop 10 smokers option cinnamon cigarettes
Patent Chinese Herbal Formula

10 West Lake Smoker's Herbal Green Tea

Order 10 boxes (8 tea bags per box) at $5.60 each; . -Save 20%
ss20 56.00 10 pk west lake smoker's herbal tea shop 5 smokers herbal  tea
Patent Chinese Herbal Formula

5 Smoker's Golden Herbal Lozenges

Order 5 boxes at $6.80 each -Save 15%; Buy more Save up to 30%!
ss14 33.99 5 bxs Golden herbal lozenges  shop 5 golden herbal lozenges

NOTE: Please call 1-909-325-2052 or 1-800-SMOKER2 (766-5372) if ordering different quantity.

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