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We help smokers Quick Smoking since 1992, the Natural & Easy Way!

cinnamon bark Chinese herbal quitting 肉桂

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Cinnamon Bark

in Smoker's Herbal Aroma inhaler and in Anti-Smoking Herbal Patch
Other Names of Cinnamon Bark: Cinnamomum Cassia Presl., Cortex Cinnamomi, Rou Gui, Gui Pi, Jou-Kuei.

Used Part, Taste and Property: Bark, twig or ramous; One of the common spicy food sold in grocery store; Pungent, sweet, and very hot, non-toxic.

Common Use in Chinese Herbal Formulas: Chronic diarrhea due to cold; abdominal pain due to cold. Used in Patent Formulas of Gui Ling Wan, Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, Shi Quan Da Bu Wan, Yang He Tang and many tonic formulas for Yang deficiency and this herbal quitting formula.

Main Chemical Components: Cinnamon oil, mucilage, starch, sucrose, etc.

Our Smoker's Herbal Aroma Nasal Inhaler (stop smoking herbs) is introduced in a popular book, ISBN 1-57954-134-8, The Herbal Drugstore by Dr. Linda B White, M.D. and Steven Foster, authority of natural health, herbs. Smoker's Herbal Aroma (stop smoking herbs) has benefits for both Smokers (to quit) and Non-smokers (to avoid Passive Smoking). To quit smoking now, try our natural Smoker's Herbal Aroma Inhaler.

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Natural herbal aroma oil from 16 herbs 100% Natural TCM skin therapy
戒烟宁闻剂 3 ml/bottle $29.99 中药戒烟贴 30 patches/box $9.99
Smoker's Herbal Aroma Inhaler Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches
Smoker's Herbal Aroma inhaler Anti-Smoke Herbal Patches
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Yes, it's hard to believe, but true. There are nothing to "swallow", no needles. Just put one small patch on a new acupoint on your hand once a day and you will quit or cut down on cigarettes smoked in 1-2 weeks.


1 .Targeted therapy: Acting under the skin directly onto acupuncture meridians (part of the sensitive nervous system), it lowers the dependence to nicotine.

2. Safety and without side effects: The active ingredients are extracted from natural Chinese herbs without any artificial materials and unhealthy contents.

3 Two-ways regulation: The effective herbal contents may reduce the intake of nicotine and decompose nicotine existed in the body at the same time.

4. Convenience to use: Just simply stick a patch on the acupoint of one hand.

Testing & Certification of Anti-Smoke Herbal Patch


2. CERTIFICATE OF ASSAY: Hei Long Jiang Provincial Public Health Assay Center, Number of Delivery BJ130720

Results of Assay: Usnic acid (-), Methylphenidate (-), Mazindol (-), Phentermine (-), Amphentamine (-), Methylamphentamine (-), Fenfluramine (-), Orlistat (-), Chlorbenzorex (-), Liothyronine (-), Thyroxine (-), Di-Iodo-Thyroxine (-), Diethylpropion (-), Yohimbine (-).

All are Negative; (-). None toxic elements are found from Assay Results. It is conforming to Criterion of Q/HTY01-2001 of P. R. China.

3. Certificate and Approval from Germany

Where Is Tianmei (Tim-Mee) Acupoints?

Tianmei point is a new acupoint found by Chinese doctors and used for stop smoking. It is not in traditional meridians and located at the soft concave just between L7 (Lieque) and LI 5 (Yangxi) acupoints, felt sensitive when pressing. Don't worry if you don't know what are L7 and LI 5 points, just see the picture below and you will find the location easily.

Tian-Mei Tim Mee acupoint

Disclaimer: Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. But we don't recommend use of herbs as a complete substitute for regular diagnosis or medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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